September 30, 2011

Photo Friday: Taylor Swift Enchants Fans

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

She spoke then, I speak now.

Sparks definitely flew as Taylor Swift took the stage on Saturday, Sept. 24, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. And luckily, I as there. (Fun fact: She was the first female to headline at Arrowhead.)

Even if you aren't a super fan of her music, you have to give her credit for her perfomance. Many artists stand and sing and do their thing. Not Taylor. She skipped around and brought the drama of each song to life. Plus, her stage consisted of a complete setting and a cast of dancers, singers and musicians. From the pit where Cole and I stood, (yes we had pit tickets), we could see the whole performance up close. . . .

September 26, 2011

Green Speak: Just Simple Shoes

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

What can hemp, cotton, rubber band and car tire make? A Simple Shoe, that's what.

I was introduced to these fun, recycled shoes by a friend, Jenny. The lucky girl lives here in Husker Nation working with the Navigators. But before she started rooting for the Huskers and pouring out her life to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln students, she attended the University of Kansas.

She tried telling people about her shoes here, but nobody seemed to understand how exciting it was to have tennis shoes made of recycled materials. You know, the type of shoes that help the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth. . . .

September 23, 2011

Lastest Published Photos

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Thought I would share some more photos, actual published ones, with you this evening as well. As you have noticed, the events I cover are all very different, which keeps it interesting. Every photo I take has a different story and lets other see an event they couldn't attend themselves.

Here are some of the photos I took for the Lincoln Journal Star in the last few weeks.

Lincoln's Dancing With the Stars . . .

September 23, 2011

Photo Friday: Bike Trail

Posted by Brenna Malmberg


A trip to the lake in Lincoln ended with some nice silhouette pictures as the sun faded over the dam. Lots of people, of all ages, were walking, running and biking across the white, gravel path that ran across the west side of the lake.

Holmes Lake is just a small lake within the city of Lincoln, just a few minutes drive from our house. I accidentally found it one day whole I was driving around, a little lost. . . .

September 22, 2011

Overblessified Thursday: When All Else Failed, I Coached

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

As many of you know, I was a gymnast for most of my life. Years and years of pounding out routines and getting up from spills on the mat now help me coach little children reaching for their own gymnastics dream.

I first started coaching when I injured myself back in high school. I had down time from gymnastics because I was hobbling around on crutches for a while. I was crushed that I couldn’t compete alongside Hazy that fall like we were suppose to. And then she battled her own illness that fall. Gymnastics wasn’t looking too promising for either of us. . . .