September 30, 2013

Super Trooper Flat Brenna

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

State Trooper Flat Brenna

Flat Brenna spends some time learning the ropes from a state trooper over the weekend.

Flat Brenna HeaderOver the weekend, Super Trooper Flat Brenna gained some law enforcement knowledge. Having had no run-ins with the authorizes in her short life, she took this opportunity to make some friends and stay on the good side of the law. Mostly, she was impressed with all the shiny — the cuffs, the keys, the car. . . .

September 29, 2013

Parents Take Flat Brenna to Zoo

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Flat Brenna Salina Zoo

Flat Brenna visits the Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina, Kan.

Flat Brenna Salina Zoo

Flat Brenna tries to ride a camel.

Flat Brenna HeaderDuring a weekend trip, my parents packed Flat Brenna and headed to the Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina, Kan. The real Brenna actually knows this place as well. Thanks to a school field trip, I have also seen some of the fun animals we have hanging out at the "nearby" zoo. I also know my parents definitely enjoyed this critter place. Many of you know or have heard about the plethora of animals living with the Longs: donkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, pigs, peacocks, dogs, cats, miniature horses, sheep, goats, llamas ... it's a long, ever-growing list with my parents. You never, and I mean never, know what animal will wander onto the farm next. Perhaps they should just open their own "Longaway Zoo." . . .

September 27, 2013

Photo Friday: Flat Brenna's Real-life Twin

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Photo Friday logo

Manassas Real Flat Brenna

In case you were wondering if Flat Brenna looks anything like the real Brenna, well ... you be the judge.

Last weekend, we drove northeast to Manassas National Battlefield. You know, the usual — history, Civil War, outdoors — all of Cole's favorites. This is the site of the First and Second Battle of Manassas or Bull Run depending on which side you want to view it from, Confederate or Union respectively. . . .

September 25, 2013

Purple Cali Fun with Flat Brenna

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Flat Brenna in Cali

Isabug takes Flat Brenna to the beach. Sand, tan and fun!

Flat Brenna HeaderSo, this may be Flat Brenna's best experience yet! She board a plane with her friend Cindy and went on a sunny vacation in California for a while. Neither real or Flat Brenna had ever been to the state until this trip so that was pretty awesome. This was the perfect opportunity to scope it out before it becomes my home next summer. And from the pictures of this adventure, I think I am going to like it. Here's a little note I received from the first days of adventures in California, plus a bunch of CUTE photos! . . .

September 24, 2013

Trivia Tuesday: Happy National Punctuation Day!

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

So my friends, it appears that hiking trivia was a bit too difficult last week. We had a tie for first between Max and Cole. That being said, they both only got four. Yikes! So perhaps a little grammar on National Punctuation Day goes better for everyone. And to any one who is doing this, thanks for sticking with me. There have been lots of posts lately because of Flat Brenna (which is awesome), but the daily blogs can get lost in there. . . .