December 31, 2013

Trivia Tuesday: Know Your New Year

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas! During the holidays, maybe you heard some of the 10-second Christmas carols from the last Trivia Tuesday. I hope you heard the whole thing though, not just the little blips I providied. Michele and Jenny answered perfectly. 10 out of 10!

A few participants were looking for other holiday tunes, and for you, they are below. A little classic with a little hip-hop. I have to cover my whole demographic. . . .

December 27, 2013

Photo Friday: Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Photo Friday logo

Christmas 2013

Presents await opening.

Christmas keeps on going. It started the Thursday Cole finished finals, and it doesn't end until we leave Grammie's Jan. 5. Quite a long Christmas, but that makes it all the more fun. Before jetting back to Nebraska/Kansas, I made sure our place was filled with the Christmas spirit. We had a tree topped with Patrick the star, a white nativity set, Wall Street Journal crafted light bulbs, tiny stockings, a wreath and Game of Thrones snowflakes mixed in with regular ones. . . .

December 17, 2013

Trivia Tuesday: 10-Second Christmas Carols

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Turn your speakers up, because this week you have to use you smarts and your ears to guess the right Christmas carol. I only give you a 10 second click from free Amazon songs ... so good luck. People have made some interesting renditions.

At the beginning of December, I quized you onPie, Pie, Pie.. My pixel pie drew in five answers, but Cole won with nine out of 10. Pretty awesome score. . . .

December 13, 2013

Photo Friday: UVA, Wisconsin Grind It Out

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

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UVA vs. Wisconsin Basketball

UVA announces its starting lineup.

Before finals were in full swing around here, Cole and I attended a UVA basketball game. It had the makings of an okay, game, Wisconsin was ranked after all. But, the game turned out to be a non-highlight, grind it out type of game. Take a look at the final scoreboard; it tells the story well. . . .

December 11, 2013

World Wednesday: Game of Thrones Snowflakes

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Worldly Wednesday

Games of Thrones Snowflakes

Lots of cutting took place to create these intricate snowflakes.

Worldly Wednesday is more like Other Worldly Wednesday this week. While browsing Facebook after work, Wired magazine shared a fun, holiday gem. They are "Game of Thrones" inspired snowflake designs. Last year, I attempted "Star Wars" flakes, but ugh, without a sharper cutting instrument or Jedi skills, I failed. These "Game of Thrones" crafts were much easier. . . .