January 28, 2014

Paper Design Gifts

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Happy New Year Card

Whoa. It's already the end of January. Where has the time gone!? I'm starting to get back into the swing of life — working, crafts, exercise, blogs, photos, designs. As a tribute to all the design work I did pre-Christmas, here's a look at all the different paper related gifts Cole and I wrapped for others.

I created a bunch of calendars, big and small; snapped photos for personalization; mailed custom holiday greetings; and sealed them off with new address labels, for myself and others. I printed all these gifts via Vistaprint . While I did have some scuffles back when they printed out moving announcements, I returned because, well, they are cheaper. Its low prices plus new sales daily, I had to weigh the costs and benefits of its services. . . .

January 24, 2014

Photo Friday: Heatles in Charlotte

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

All right, I know, it's bee a while since my last post. The end of one year and the start of another found us traveling here and there and everywhere. When we finally set foot back in Virginia, we slept. I would go to bed early and still crave a nap the next day no matter what. Thankfully, I am caught up on sleep now.

The long blog break calls for something special, and I think I have just the thing — LeBron. Yep, the MVP, South Beach talent that's been bringing championships to the Heatles. . . .