April 11, 2016

Oh, Boy!

Posted by Brenna Malmberg


We were all excited to celebrate with Alex and Harmony as they get ready to welcome their little boy into the world in June!

This weekend, we partied with Alex and Harmony during their baby boy shower! Some great planners and guests made for a fun afternoon, even if Cali weather tried to rain on the fun.

The fun included tasty snacks, presents, bib and onesie decorating, baby food tasting, a sock-matching game, trivia and more! I was made the unofficial photographer, and, if you know me, that's what I would prefer to be. I also needed some practice with my camera. That's the first time I have really used it in an action-packed, uneven-lighting scenario. Because I was also practicing, I took a ton of photos. Not all were great, but I ended up with a handful of share-worthy options. I hope you enjoy the photos below and hop on over to the additional photos that I posted on my photography page. . . .

April 5, 2016

Adventures in Area Aviation

Posted by Brenna Malmberg


Cole finally got to visit the aviation museum he drives by every day when he goes to work.

We haven't really done anything too exciting as of late. That's mostly because of work, either too much or too draining or both. But, we did break away for a weekend of fun at our local plane museum. Cole drives by this cool cat place every day when he heads to work even. Meet the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California. . . .