July 25, 2011

TFC Camp

Posted by Brenna Malmberg

Right now, a bunch TFC Campers are trying to go to sleep after their first day at camp. From fifth to twelfth-grade, that was me. Every summer I would be at TFC Camp, no matter what. I never missed a year, and even after I graduated, I came back and volunteered after my first year at KU.

Now I just get to hear about the exciting week from friends, staff members and campers. My brother is actually there right now too, volunteering. But just because I am not there this week hasn't stopped me from being a part, even though in the end a rather small part. I worked throughout the year making logos and other graphics for the campers. But basically, those are just fun little additions to the great week. The best parts of camp come from the time spent learning about your personal relationship with Jesus and what that looks like in your life from staff, volunteers and great speakers, such as Jack.

Today, the first day of camp, was just the start of the EPIC journey for the teens this week. The first day is the day where you have to break the ice. Many of the kids are quiet and still feeling the water for how TFC Camp works. But by the end of the week, they are signing books, taking pictures, and making sure they stay in contact throughout the year. They turn out to make great friends. I know I made some great friends at camp, and we are still friends today. :)

The most important part, while the evening games are fun, but really, the most important and influential part of camp is the evening devos with your group. The first night is hard for everyone. The leader is trying to get a feel for the group, hopes they ask the right questions, and wants to make friends with each of the people in their group. This is usually done by telling funny stories and playing little games. And by the end of the week, that small group is really a place of growth and friendship centered around Jesus.

So even though it is basically 100 degrees at camp, that won't stop the staff and campers from having a great time. And nothing ever stops Jesus from meeting people where they are.

Thankfully, I don't have to be at camp to have Jesus, but sometime it would be great to go back and visit. If they will have me :)

Photo:Allison and I in 2008 at TFC Camp saying goodbye. Made a great new friend that year.

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