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June 19, 2012

Visa Championships 2012 - Awards and Fan Fest

July 22, 2012


I am SO proud of the US women, Great, Outstanding job! I knew they had it in the bag after Mustafina did what she did in European Worlds with her vault. I never for one moment thuoght they were going to lose it. After they posted their 3 point lead over Russia in pre-qualifications I knew the outcome, the question was by how much. Even with the loss of Bross (Nationals) & Sacramone (Tokyo), I knew this was a done deal. This also puts to rest Russia being better than the US. Which the 2010 Worlds was a fluke that will not happen at the 2012 Olympics, the US team that will head to the Olympics in 2012 will be the modern day dream team, compared to the 1996 “Magnificent 07.” Marta has the best selection of gymnasts then that of any country. Bross, Johnson, Liukin, Maroney, Memmel, Raisman, Sacramone, Sloan & Wieber, if anyone wants to try & challenge that please feel free you won’t win.

July 24, 2012


I agree totally with the amuennconent of Liukin coming back to perform on bars and beam this just opened up and whole another topic, who will make the 2012 team, “Bross, Caquatto, M., Douglas, Johnson, Li, Liukin, Maroney, Memmel, Raisman, Sacramone, Sloan, Vega & Wieber?” There are lots of women that hold different titles in different events. 23 individual medals, not including 2011 Worlds or any team medals.

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