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June 18, 2012

Visa Championships 2012 - Sacramone, Raisman and Maroney

July 22, 2012


I'm going with Wieber, Ross, Bross, Raisman and Liukin 1st Alt Johnson. Since we have 06 out of 10 gymnasts up for team USA that can do Amanars no vault speliacist is needed this knocks Maroney & Sacramone out. Both girls are good on floor, but I think team USA focus is our weakness which is uneven bars. Which Russian & China dominate, this is why I stuck Liukin & Bross onto the team. Nastia Liukin is the reigning all around champion and she has the highest score even given since the new scoring system 16.9. Both Bross and Liukin hold world medals on uneven bars. Liukin has an Olympic Silver medal on uneven bars, both Liukin and Bross are great balance beam workers & both have world medals on this event too. Liukin has yet an Olympic Silver medal on this event too. Wieber and Ross will go 01 & 02 so they get the 1st and 2nd seat. Aly out of the rest of the field (new seniors) she can deliver the best under pressure. Her weakness like Wieber is uneven bars. Ross is good on uneven bars but she’s not better than Liukin & Bross.Vault: Ross, Raisman & Wieber (Amanars)Uneven bars: Ross, Bross & LiukinBalance beam: Bross, Wieber & LiukinFloor exercise: Ross, Wieber & RaismanJohnson: Was picked for the reason of being an Olympic gold medalist. She is the reigning silver medalist in the All Around, Silver medalist on floor and reigning balance beam Champion. She was 07 World All around champion and floor champion. Her and Liukin were the highest qualifiers at the 08 games & were the rocks behind team USA. No one not even Marta Kyroli can over look that about Nastia & Shawn.My reasoning behind the rest of the field not making itDouglas: “YES” she is a great uneven bar worker but she has shown she cracks under pressure. Being good at one event vs the rest doesn’t hold much ground when only 05 get to go and it’s 03 up 03 count.Vega: Great gymnast but she doesn’t have anything that stands out about herSloan: Won 2009 worlds but again she isn’t as strong on vault, there are too many that out shine her.Memmel: Shoulder injury took her out, her moment was 05 when she won AA world champion. She hasn’t won anything beyond that. Injuries keep plaguing her left & right.Maroney: Great vault, the best Amanar ever, but there is no need for a vault speliacistSacramone: Injury is what did her in; I think if it wouldn’t have happen she would have stood a better chance. Alicia & Aly are great at the same events, but Aly has that all important Amanar where Alicia doesn’t.Li: Great bar worker but a bar speliacist is not needs with only 05 members to a team

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